The Mission

« On board a spaceship, you and your team are sent on a mission
to rescue the crew of a previous ECLIPSE mission. »

From 2 to 4 players

Up to 4 players equipped with VR headsets, backpacks, controllers and trackers on their feet share the same mission.


Which will sometimes appear 10 times
bigger thanks to VR’s immersion.
2 separate rooms / 1 per team.

40 minutes

One game session of Eclipse lasts
approximatively 1 hour including 40 minutes
of gameplay.

Virtual Is The New Real

Eclipse is the first french hyper-reality experience in VR.
Your first adventure in virtual reality that you can feel.
YOU are on this spaceship. And YOU have to solve the enigmas.

They experienced Eclipse

Le Parisien

Le Parisien

"Truly Mesmerizing"

Les Numériques

Les Numériques

"In space no one can hear you lovin' it"

"An astonishing realism"

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