Eclipse is the result of a creative collaboration between Virtual Adventure and BackLight
It’s the first hyper-reality adventure in France. 

The goal was to offer an immersive experience in space, that could be compared to a traditional escape game. 

After producing more than 50 virtual reality experiences in the past 4 years, mainly for advertisement and formation, BackLight wanted to create more content designed for Location Based Entertainment. 
Eclipse is the second BackLight Licence after the first internationally acclaimed “Birdy king Land” created in 2014.
Birdy King Land is still used during roadshows and @HTC ViveLand. 

Concerned by making the best VR experiences and high quality content, BackLight chose to invite people to live a 40-minute unbound VR adventure. The aim was to try to overcome all the drawbacks associated with virtual reality like motion sickness, isolation… 
A collaborative quality game was the solution. 

To see more of our VR works, watch our demo reel video below or just go on our website. 


BackLight offers interactive productions since 2008. Working from the very beginning in the production of animated films, we have integrated since 2014 the creation of Virtual Reality experiences, becoming one of the European leader in the VR market.


The 2.0 Escape Game : Virtual Adventure is a new entertainment concept for families, friends and teambuildings.

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