Full VR Equipment

HTC Vive Headsets
Vive Controllers & Trackers
MSI VR Backpacks

Full Virtual Avatar

Each Player is represented in game by a full body virtual avatar tracked in real-time.

Haptic Feedback

Thanks to bass shakers enabling vibrating floors, movement are felt realistically.

Immersive Design

VIRTUAL REALITY | Similarly to traditional escape rooms, collaborative interactions was our main goal with Eclipse and what’s better than Virtual Reality to achieve this vision in a much bigger scale?
VR is an advanced technology that allows us to create a more immersive experience. Our space adventure takes place in an hypothetic future where space mission are a common thing, that’s also why we needed modernity as part of our concept.

People experiencing Eclipse can really feel the virtual adventure and forget about reality they know. 

FULL BODY AWARENESS | was a key requirement to reach the level of immersion that we aimed at.
The use of Vive trackers on the player’s backpack and on their feet enables us to perfectly translate his real life movements directly in VR.

HAPTICS | We also went a step further by incorporating haptics in the experience with the use of vibrating floors which effectively simulate and virtually emulate the sensation of standing on the moving platforms feature in the game.

High Quality Content

GRAPHICS | Player immersion is greatly enhanced by life like graphics, that’s why we, at BackLight, have always emphasized the need to have high quality graphical content in our productions.
Eclipse tries to push the boundaries of VR experiences by employing techniques often only used in AAA games like dynamic lighting & shadowing to make the player immersion more intense and make him feel like he really is really in another world.

TECHNICAL ACHIEVEMENT | The mix of high quality graphics and use of advanced hardware technologies has enabled us to provide the player with one of the most technically advanced 4D Virtual Reality experience in the world. Full body awareness and clever locomotion tricks enhanced by real haptic feedback are key to the success of the players immersion.
Moreover, we used Unreal Engine 4 thoughout the whole creative process.

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