Eclipse is the first collaborative 4D hyper reality game in France, co-produced and created by Virtual Adventure and BackLight. 

On 323 ft² (which will sometimes appear 10 times bigger thanks to VR’s immersion) and for 40 minutes, four players embody the crew of Eclipse II; a relief mission in space to rescue a previous space crew which you have lost communication with. 

« On board a spaceship, you and your team are sent on a mission to rescue the crew of a previous ECLIPSE mission. »

Early on, the four players are separated in two teams: one will go to Eclipse I while the other will guide it while staying on Eclipse II. Collaboration despite the difficulties will help lead the teams to victory while going through varied locations: cockpit, oxygen garden hangars & spacewalk.

An adventure rhythmed by enigmas and choices, with several possible endings where the player could experience the game again by simply changing team. 

French VR

BackLight has been creating interactive productions since 2008. Starting with the production of animated films,we have integrated since 2014 the creation of Virtual Reality experiences, becoming one of the European leaders in the VR market.

Eclipse Trailer

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